Ballard business briefs: The Mailbox, Fit Massage, Fit36

  • The longtime owner of The Mailbox in Loyal Heights, Ferrol Williams, is retiring after 21 years and has sold the business to Ballard residents Andrew and Melissa Wagenbrenner. A neighborhood welcome party is scheduled for Dec. 16th, 4-5 p.m., at The Mailbox at 24th Ave. and 80th St.
  • Over in the new My Ballard Forum, Tailwind asks “Is Fit Massage out of business?” Windows are papered over at the corner of Leary and Vernon, and the website has disappeared. However, it appears the separate business, Fit Wellness Center, remains open in the same building.
  • Speaking of fit, the high-intensity workout club Fit36 is coming to 5603 24th Ave. Here are some photos of the construction work inside.

    5 comments on “Ballard business briefs: The Mailbox, Fit Massage, Fit36”

    1. As a long-time customer, I can say that Ferrol has done great things with her business, from designing it to growing it to providing excellent customer service. She has worked very hard and deserves to retire. Best of luck with your future endeavors, Ferrol!

    2. Fit Massage is closed, I got a message from someone how worked there that I used to get massages from.

    3. Ferrol and the outstanding service from her dog-loving team will be very much missed.

    4. The Fit36 logo/trademark on the sign is a blatant knockoff of already established Fitness19 diagonally across the street. I thought those were supposed to be protected. They got as close as they could get and copied as close as they could. You don’t see many better examples of obviously trying to confuse the public about who is who and dilluting the public reputation Fitness19 has already established in the area.

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