Jewish deli coming to Leary Way

(Photo from @napkinfriends on Twitter)

You may have eaten at the Napkin Friends food truck, perhaps at Stoup Brewing (above) or other places throughout Seattle. The blue truck is best known for its yummy latke press sandwiches.

Now there’s news that the owner, Jonathan Silverberg, is planning to open at Jewish deli in Ballard. Silverberg signed a lease in a new building at 928 NW Leary Way, according to Eater. He plans to call it Schmaltzy’s Delicatessen.

Since the building (.pdf) is still under construction (and will host other companies, as well), the deli won’t open for another year or so. But Silverberg says he plans to hold pop-up events until then.

6 comments on “Jewish deli coming to Leary Way”

  1. > See upcoming events in our Ballard calendar <

  2. That’s a great looking modern building. Everything can’t be a 1900’s brick building . Nice to see some more forward looking design coming to Ballard.

  3. I agree Southeasterner– that building is horrible.

    I love modern design, but the proportions are all off– it’s really a compositional mess. That’s not forward thinking– it’s someone who didn’t want to pay for design

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