2 apartment buildings planned for 15th Ave. across from Ballard High

The developer behind the Keelson and Soren apartments in Ballard has plans for two more.

Pryde + Johnson has proposed a 6-story apartment, called Blue Birch, for the lot right across from Ballard High School at the corner of 15th Ave. NW and NW 65 St.

That property is currently home to the El Camion restaurant.

The development will have retail space on the first floor and parking for 34 vehicles below.

Right next door to the south, Pryde + Johnson just bought the Corry’s dry cleaning site, according to DJC. The developer has proposed a 4-story apartment building on the parcel. It will also feature retail on the ground level, and the building will have 18 parking spots underground.

The current building on the lot also includes Fuzzy Wuzzy Carpet Cleaning and the Platine Salon.

In the design proposal (.pdf) for Blue Birch, the applicants note its potential proximity to light rail. “Transit expansion studies have identified two stops in Ballard to be located at Market Street and NW 65th Street,” the deck explains. “The commercial corner at the intersection of NW 65th Street and 15th Ave NW needs to target future densities and establish human scale elements, interest and activity along the street frontage.”

In total, both apartments will offer 101 residential units.

14 comments on “2 apartment buildings planned for 15th Ave. across from Ballard High”

  1. My guess is the kids living in these apartments will have to go to Ingraham and Magnolia kids will go to BHS and vandalize the surrounding areas.

  2. 52 parking spots for 101 units. Great.
    I’m SURE that half the buyers of these units won’t have cars and certainly won’t park in the neighborhood streets. Can’t park on 65th, can’t park on 15th…

    Where will they all park?

  3. Where is brick and mortar El Camion relocating? You mean they will not have a place in these new
    retail spaces?

    BTW, whoever wrote “..human scale elements, interest and activity along the street frontage”……needs an ice pick between the eyes. Now!

  4. Gordon – They will park in your garage once you empty all the stuff you store in it. Or they can park it in the spot you’ll vacate once you start parking in your own garage (after you get rid of all the stuff in your garage).

    So is the City making them provide or pay for affordable housing as part of this UPZONE beyond what the MHA legislation recommends?

  5. They should build the buildings taller to acomadate for parking have two floors.

  6. I for one am very excited to get some younger blood in Ballard. All the baby boomers do is just complain.

  7. “All the baby boomers do is just complain”

    No sh*t. You’d think the gray hair pony tail and Birkenstock crowd were Duwamish or something the way they freak out about newcomers.

    Somehow between the greatest generation and Gen X we got ‘generation insufferable’.

  8. New 6 story building is a bummer for the High School – – perpetual shade for the building,
    Just how it relates to a planned Light Rail station escapes me. The best place for a station
    is exactly where Camion is being removed. And, a six story building is not in keeping with the neighborhood. Looks like another giveaway to developers. The first developers in the Denny Party said it would be “New York by and by.” It took awhile, but we’re getting it.

  9. Oh no, shade on the high school! My snow flake will melt!

    “Looks like another giveaway to developers”

    It’s private property being sold privately to private parties. Don’t like the zoning, go change it.

  10. Why is it when there’s a post about a new restaurant opening, we don’t get people saying “Looks like another giveaway to BIG FOOD! How awful that people will MAKE PROFITS!!!”

    The outrage about the existence of capitalism in these parts seems curiously limited to people who make and sell homes. Very strange.

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