Lark chef to open restaurant in Old Ballard

Back in November, Kickin’ Boot shut its doors in Old Ballard after a five-year run. In late December, Locust Cider opened in the same building on 22nd Ave. NW and Shilshole, but the sprawling restaurant space (above) was still available.

Thanks to a liquor license application, we now know that award-winning chef Mitch Mayers is planning to open a restaurant there. For the last four years, he’s been the chef de cuisine at Lark, and he was the “Prince of Porc” Winner of Cochon 555 Seattle last year.

“Yes, I’m getting read to open a restaurant in the old Kickin Boot location,” he told My Ballard when we asked about his plans. “We will have more details to share in the next month.”

(Photos from inside Kickin’ Boot when it opened.)

14 comments on “Lark chef to open restaurant in Old Ballard”

  1. @Megan the Vegan
    I can tell you for sure there will be a 20% wage surcharge hidden in the fine print only after the customer adds a 20% tip to their bill.

  2. I wonder what happened to The Cannery, next door to the new cider place? Neither Yelp nor their Facebook page mention anything about moving or shutting down, but it sure looks like they’ve cleared out.

  3. Because that’s what we need – yet another PNW upscale farm-to-table restaurant (insert sarcasm). Why can’t we get a casual sports bar with great food or something?

  4. @ASHMETASH You are right! Ballard would be a better with an Applebees, or a Bennigans, or a Champs, or a Chillis, or an Outback Steakhouse or an Olivegarden.

  5. @Ballard Drunks Forever
    Pro tip: those “locally sourced” menus items are often made from last minute, hushed runs to Safeway for cheap ingredients. What you think you’re getting isn’t always what you pay for.

  6. I would rather a farm to table that I don’t go to than a McRest-R-ant bringing people who ruin the ambiance of Ballard. It’s already crowded as it is.

  7. Trolls, trolls, trolls

    How about a little support for a young Chef starting out on his own, this is clearly a big play for an enthusiastic young entrepreneur, he could use our support. Why all the knee jerk haters? From what I’ve read Trolls eat goat…that’s pretty artisanal-farm-to-table stuff. Get over yourselves already, I’ve seen about 8 Ballard restaurant’s close in the last year, this isn’t an easy game to play.

    Mitch, if you need to borrow a cup of sugar and avoid the Safeway run, I’m right around the corner

  8. The Lark pedigree certainly has potential. I’ll make a point of kicking their tires a few times.

  9. I’ll give it a try and hope it’s great! I love supporting up and coming chefs. And I’m not saying put in a chain restaurant @Drunks. That’s ridiculous. I’m just saying it would be great to see something new and different in the neighborhood. You wonder why all these places aren’t making it and I believe it is because there has been little differentiation.

  10. Thanks Tim, for weighing in amidst the Trollery. Its mostly one sad sack writing in and then replying to himself. I am looking forward to the new restaurant. I’ve been kinda dismayed by the influx of big screen sports bars everywhere. Every new restaurant in Ballard seems to feel the need to rock that vibe. And so I never got up the interest to go to “Kickin Boots” even though I drove past it millions of times over the years. I can watch TV at home. It sounds cruel but I am glad they are leaving. I went to Gracia and was put right in front of a big TV (one of two or three in that small space). I couldn’t even see my family at dinner from the back glare. It ruined the whole meal, frankly. Then, my friends dragged me back to Gracia and we sat in the back, away from the TVs, and it was awesome. We talked to the chef and investigated his corn grinder. I’ll go back whenever they can put me in the back. So if this new place feels they have to have TV’s (fingers crossed they are not), keep them in one place for the people who like that and keep another place free of blare and white screen light for those that want to talk and appreciate the wonderful food and get away from all that big screen overload. Right now I’m hitting the Sexton pretty hard – just to get away from the screen glitz. They rock.

  11. @PST ALL YEAR, the owner of the Cannery said his father was ill and he was moving to be close to him.

  12. PARV, thanks for the update. I’m sorry to hear the reason for The Cannery’s closure.

  13. I have had the pleasure of being taken out to the Lark twice – great food but too high-priced for my budget. Would love to see this chef come to Ballard; hope it is in a more moderate price point then the Lark.

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