The story behind Rudy’s Ballard shop

For years, I’ve gone to Rudy’s to get my hair cut. You can’t beat the price. And no appointment necessary. Rudy’s has expanded all over the place, including their latest addition in Ballard at the site of the old Ballard Hardware store (map). Deep in this article in MetropolisMag, two of Rudy’s founders talk about how they kept many of rugged touches in designing the shop. “We deconstructed a lot of old shelving units. Where they kept nuts and bolts, we turned that into our retail cabinet. We left the old floors,” Alex Calderwood explains. The cool thing about Rudy’s is each shop strives to reflect its neighborhood, and it looks like they’ve succeeded in Ballard.

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  1. Love the Rudy’s vibe, and that it’s so old-feeling, and, of course, that you can have a beer while you wait. How can life get any better? Parking! So, take the bus. $.25 if you’re aged or disabled. Of course, not too many are aged, but I’m one who appreciates a good haircut at a reasonable price and love randomness. 4p.m. is probably the best time to hit them. Oooops, did I just say that?

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