How to recycle your Christmas tree

If you subscribe to curbside yard and food waste collection, the city will pick up and recycle your tree for free. Just leave it out on your regular collection day between now and January 13th. There are a few restrictions, ranging from the size of the tree to how well you clean off the decorations, explained in this advisory from Seattle Public Utilities. (Thanks to the West Seattle Blog for the link.)

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  1. Recycling your Christmas tree is easy. All it takes to recycle your Christmas tree is a visit to the curbside with all lights and decorations on, or if you live in an apartment as successful resumes review point, put it up on the roof of your building before 7 am on December 26th. Once recycled, it can be repurposed into things like items for children’s dressing-up costumes.

  2. At one point, the tree was not just a tree but symbolized the tree of life. The Norse Yggdrasill was a large ash tree, with three roots (Pluto, Odin, and Thor), and get redirected here a squirrel Ratatosk (Rat-Tosk) that runs up and down the tree, carrying malicious gossip and lies.

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