Petition to NOT save the Denny’s

My Ballard reader Ronan sent us this note:

“My girlfriend and I had an interesting encounter last Saturday afternoon that I thought I’d share. Two guys standing on Market Street (about across the street from Epilogue Books) asked us if we’d be interested in signing a petition saying the old Denny’s building is *not* an historic landmark. They asked us what we knew about the building, and my girlfriend offered that she knew it was under consideration as an historical landmark. These guys came right out and said they didn’t know anything about the building or the controversy, and that the petition drive is just a job for them. While they talked, my eyes skimmed over the parts of the petition pledge they didn’t tell us outright: by signing the petition, you believe the building doesn’t deserve to be preserved as an historical landmark and Benaroya should be free to develop on the site. We didn’t sign the petition, and we left.”

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