Thousands in Ballard attend caucus

What appeared to be nearly a thousand people packed into Salmon Bay Elementary, where many Ballard Democrats caucused on Saturday.

They packed the halls.

And even the stairways.

In fact, there were groups of 50-100 people spread all over the school. I only heard unofficial counts as I moved from group to group, but in most cases, Obama was the clear choice. It was an amazing event to witness: I’ve never seen so many people engaged in a presidential election.

Adds Mantini in comments: “We had over 700 at Whittier Elementary School in Crown Hill. Obama seemed to be the choice for most folks there as well.”

Adds Holly: “We were in western Ballard and the hall was standing room only. The Obama folks outnumbered the rest by about 4:1 across the handful of precincts on our floor of the building.”

Update: The Stranger has this report from Adams Elementary: “The caucus was supposed to happen in the cafeteria, but by 1 pm the room was solid people, with lines still out the door. Some precincts had to move to the gym while others met out in the hallway and on the front lawn.”

Update: Photophonic has photos from the caucus at Oddfellows Hall.

Update: As expected, Obama beat Clinton by a significant margin.

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