Bring peds, bikes to Golden Gardens Dr.

That’s what anonymously posted fliers are touting at the construction site where flooding washed out a portion of the road last December.

The organizer(s) suggest the drive be turned into a one-way road for traffic going downhill, with the uphill lane converted into a bike and pedestrian path. It’s being pitched as a way to enhance bicycle and pedestrian access, reduce the risk of accidents on Golden Gardens Drive (have there been many?) and support a greener Seattle. The flier goes on to list contact info for people to lobby the Seattle Department of Transportation, Mayor Nickels and city council members Richard Conlin, Sally Clark and Jan Drago, who all have committee assignments related to the proposal.

I’ve biked and driven the scenic stretch of country-esque road many times. I’ve never had a problem on either mode of transport, but I have to say I find it an intriguing idea to turn it into a roadway more like what you find at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, or Stanley Park in Vancouver, B.C.

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