It’s a landmark, but what’s next?

As we reported below, the Benaroya team is moving forward “rapidly” with an appeals process that could go all the way to the Seattle City Council. But is there a solution here that balances Benaroya’s financial needs while preserving the Googie building? Grace Architects proposed an alternative idea (PDF file here) that incorporates both the condos and the restaurant, but it would require a zoning change to increase the maximum height to 125 feet. “While this does carry some inherent risk, we are convinced that the outcome will be positive,” said Grace Architects’ Ralph Allen. But Benaroya’s attorney dismissed the ability to get the site rezoned as “highly unlikely.” Of course, nobody wants to be see a boarded-up, abandoned Denny’s building one or two years from now, landmark or not. So what do you think? What should happen next?

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