Vintage photos of Manning’s Cafeteria

Anne Forestieri, who helped lead the effort to landmark the Denny’s building, sent us these photos from 1983 of the Ballard Manning’s before it was converted to the Denny’s. Anne asked that we post the photos “so that people don’t keep seeing the tired photo of the building being boarded up, thus contributing to the ‘eyesore’ mentality.” You can see more photos here.

Of course, the question that remains is how to restore the old Denny’s building to Manning’s fame… and who’s going to pay for it. We’ll keep you updated…

Also: The Ballard News-Tribune has an interview with Alan Hess, who authored two books on Googie architecture.

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  1. Seattle is fast becoming a worthless dog-turd filled with harsh people and bland eye-sore condos…..such a shame that the people who live there want to erase the very funkiness that made Seattle fun and interesting in the first place!

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