Effort to save Sunset Bowl intensifies

We’ve written about avid bowler Jim Bristow and his efforts to save Sunset Bowl by circulating petitions and organizing a group of investors. Now he’s launching a new site, SaveSunsetBowl.com, with the goal to “require the new property owners, Avalon Bay Communities Inc., to include a bowling facility in their new proposed mutli-use development.” Not only that, but the plan is the investor group would keep Sunset Bowl open until Avalon is ready to begin construction. “(The group) is working on a deal with Sunset Bowl to purchase all of their equipment, and keep it open, with hopefully all or most of the current employees,” writes Danielle Johnson in the Building Seattle Green blog. “Save Sunset Bowl believes that the opportunity to be heroes in the community will motivate Avalon.” So far, no official word from Avalon, although a spokesperson told the Ballard News-Tribune earlier this month that it’s “definitely willing to work with people.” So stay tuned…

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