Tent city moves into Ballard

The roving “Tent City 3” moved into a section of the big parking lot next to the Our Redeemers Church on Saturday, at 85th and 24th. We stopped by and snapped some photos (below). As we posted before, the tent city says it has strict rules about staying drug-free, sober and non-violent, and security will patrol the area. They’re setting up camp through April 26th. You can learn more about tent city’s visit to Ballard on the church’s site here.

Also, Trinity United Methodist Church at 65th and 23rd, which hosted Ballard’s first tent city seven years ago, has just opened a permanent shelter for twenty homeless folks. Details in this story here.

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  1. I have stayed in 2 share tent city shelters. And camp unity east side. First of the month 90 % or better are on meth. 3 solid days looked like Santa’s elves. Tinkering tinkering tinkering. Have law enforcement bring in dogs unannounced and all take a mandatory drug test. Ha ha ha. Share lies and protects drug users. They get 25.00 per person per night from HUD emergency bed nights. Do the math. For 1 year, where did the money go. Where are mandatory drug and alcohol classes. Financial mngt.? GED classes? Employment programs??? Hello did you get that?

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