Man beat to death in his truck

Early Sunday morning, police arrested a 45 year-old man for beating another guy to death while he slept in his pickup truck. With a pipe. This happened at 48th and Leary. “They’ve had the street closed, police vans, and a big set-up all morning,” wrote Chelsea in a tip to My Ballard. No word yet on whether the two knew each other. Or the motivation. It’s occasional crime stories like these that remind us that we still live in the city, not just a quiet neighborhood.

Update with new information: Looks like this was a fight between two homeless men. Police were called at 6:50 a.m. when two people found a body lying in the road next to a truck. Officers say they spoke with transients in the area, and they were told that two men were involved in a fight over a dog on Friday. Following up on that information, they found a man covered in blood in an old ambulance nearby, and they arrested him on the spot.

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