Construction beginning on new Whole Foods

We noticed some heavy equipment at work on 15th Ave. just south of the Interbay driving range, and that means one thing: Whole Foods is coming soon.

The 60,000+ square foot grocery store, affectionately known as “Whole Paycheck” by its many fans, will sit at the intersection of 15th and Armory Way in Interbay. At the other side of the property, across a big parking lot, will be some retail space (across from Brown Bear Car Wash).

There’s no firm date on when it expects to open, but as you can see, they have a ways to go on the construction project. While the new Trader Joes will probably beat them to the punch, you can bet that many Ballard shoppers will cross the bridge to spend their paychecks at Whole Foods as soon as it opens.

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