Late for the Interurban

One of my favorite things about the drive to work (from Ballard through Fremont) is checking out how the statue “Waiting for the Interurban” is decorated. Some people go over-the-top with the costumes, and I love it! Well rejoice Patches Pals! This summer, there will be a new statue dedicated to Seattle’s favorite clown, JP Patches, for all to decorate. For the 50th Anniversary of the TV show, Kevin Pettelle is creating a bronze statue that is slated to go a half block away from the “Waiting” statue on the corner of Fremont Ave. and 34th. This one is called “Late for the Interurban” and it depicts JP with his girlfriend Gertrude arm-in-arm heading different directions. To make it more “decorator-friendly,” Pettelle is adding bronze hooks where JP’s buttons should be.

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