Amazon Fresh, please come to Ballard

We remember the pre-bubble days when Homegrocer came to our door, making grocery shopping an absolute breeze. So when Amazon announced a while back that it was getting into the grocery business, we were thrilled — until we found out they’re not delivering to Ballard. Truth be told, Amazon Fresh is still in “beta” for them, and they’re delivering to just a few neighborhoods to start, like Mercer Island, Kirkland and West Seattle. But this week they announced an expansion in West Seattle, which has energized us to launch a campaign to bring ’em to Ballard. After all, we’re a tech-savvy, health-conscious, organic-craving bunch. So, if you want Amazon Fresh to come to Ballard, please email a quick note to And we’ll be following up with them.

Adds Kim in comments: “While you are waiting for full service from, you might consider New Roots organic green grocers and Smith Farms milk, local businesses that deliver good food.”

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