Loud Friday night on Ballard Ave.

Honk Fest West took over Ballard Ave. last night, and this is what one My Ballard reader had to say about it all: “I’ve lived on Ballard Ave for 5 years. I’ve seen, heard and put up with just about everything and I wouldn’t trade living here for the world but this is the WORST! I knew this was coming but I really didn’t expect what is now almost FOUR hours of pounding. Eh, not much I can do except hope that it is at least done by 2am.”

Paul Gibson shot this photo as he grabbing a drink at Old Town Alehouse along Ballard Ave. when one of the bands marched by on the sidewalk. That would explain the noise. (See another photo here).

Rest easy, as tonight (Saturday) the Honk Fest folks will be in Georgetown. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for music in Ballard tonight, Seattlest sums up the offerings: “Steve Earle’s son Justin Townes Earle at the Tractor, indie pop mavens Aloha and the Velvet Teen at the Sunset, and the theatricality of Faun Fables at the relatively new tiny venue The Space.” I hadn’t heard of The Space (we’ll have to check it out), but it’s on 65th at 6th Ave.

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