Moisture Festival, a spring rite, celebrating 5 years

The Moisture Festival’s Comedy-Variete show is returning to Hale’s Palladium(also known as Hale’s keg warehouse) March 27-April 13. Get your tickets now, this thing sells out fast. If you haven’t been, it’s a vaudeville-esque romp of highly entertaining – and sometimes bizarre – performances. Each artist gets 3-15 minutes on the stage and is accompanied by a house band. Audience interaction is expected.

There’s plenty of fresh Hale’s on tap, as well as wine.

Expect wickedly talented musicians, aerialists, slapstick artists, dancers, and more. There’s 25 shows at Hale’s and many people go to more than one show as they have a large rotation of different acts.

For those of you wanting a more “mature” show, check out the burlesque shows April 3-6 at ACT – A Contemporary Theatre.

The burlesque shows used take the late evening time slots at Hale’s, but I’ve been told by several people, that Hale’s owner, wasn’t so thrilled with the titillating nature of that adults-only show. The MT site makes an oblique reference to that in the guise of a history lesson: “There was a time when vaudeville and burlesque shared the same stage, but when vaudeville houses decided to become ‘respectable,’ they banished the more bawdy acts to other venues,” hence the move to ACT.

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