‘Deadliest bar’ shirts on sale

The Lockspot Cafe, apparently trying to cash in with a play on the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” show title, is advertising this:

The bar was closed when I went by, so if anyone has one of the shirts, send us a picture at tips@myballard.com so we can post it here.

If “deadliest” equates with dive, what other worthy contenders can you think of in Ballard that haven’t been replaced by more sanitized establishments?

Adds Andrew in comments: “Deadliest Catch filmed their last episode of last season at the Lockspot. Inside, you’ll see autographed items and posters of the show. Plus, it’s a great place. They have fantastic seafood.”

Update: Earlier this month, Ballard Gossip Girl’s readers voted that the Ember Room at the Smoke Shop is Ballard’s best dive bar. And by the way, the Seattle Weekly blog Voracious just posted a review on the Smoke Shop, “Where the smoking ban stinks… literally.”


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