3 thoughts to “Matador”

  1. You people who judge a restaurant based on the type of people dining there are morons. Didn't your parents ever teach you not to judge a book by it's cover?

    Try judging a restaurant on the service or food, I know, it's an interesting concept for the snotty, inclusive, old-school Ballard types.

    You're no better then the people you judge.

  2. happy hour nachos and a mojito make late nights glorious. I live in Ballard and I walk (or drive in the rain) over for sangrias at least once a month. During summer, we found ourselves here quite a bit more. Since all the ballard snobs hate the crowd, there is almost always a table when the other places are too packed. lucky for my mojiito and sangria cravings that I'm past caring what people are wearing or drinking or whatever. The crowd doesn't smell or puke on me, so I'm not bothered. The asparagus tips/broccollini special (it switches every now and then) is addictive.

  3. good chicken nachos, great carne asada (and short ribs), and absolutely the best tap for dos equis lager or amber

    wait staff can be a little hit or miss but mostly friendly and attentive

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