8 thoughts to “Snoose Junction Pizzeria”

  1. Have loved in the past and would have given Snoose 4.5. The menu has recently changed and gone down hill. Not sure what the problem is. Maybe the economy and trying to save money???? Only giving a 2 because of my last meal there.

  2. Had the Pizza here once and it's not my favorite. My major beef is the bicycle delivery people seem to disobey every law in the book.
    I see them run through the light at 24th and market, making left turns onto the crosswalks from the left turn lane at a red light so they end up riding onto the crowded sidewalk and the wrong side of the road.
    You can have the best pizza in town but if you persist I will be cramming a stick in your spokes.

  3. We went to Snoose shortly after they opened. The place was half full. We ordered a pie, salad and wine. Our glasses were delivered half full compared to the other patrons. The croutons were so hard my husband chipped a tooth, the pizza was so salty we could not eat it.
    We did not feel welcome there. It seemed like some kind of private party to which no one else se was invited.

  4. I guess by their very nature comment sites are going to attract the strongest opinions (both edges of the spectrum).

    I like Snoose Pizza very much. Our only problem is that lately the pizzas have arrived undercooked, even after we've asked for the crusts to be crispy. I feel that a year ago, the quality was better and the pies were worth the cost. We have had (and enjoyed) the other locals as well:Veracci, Pagliacci, Palermo. We like the bike delivery option.

  5. I love the fact that they’re kid friendly, but the pizza is not very good. It is average. About as good as good frozen pizza. Not really worth the price that they charge. Also, our pizza was a bit undercooked the last time we went.

  6. I think they are buying ingredients at cash -n- carry, Pizza looks good, taste no so good. Asked for extra sauce twice and they just cant get that right. extra + a lot

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