6 thoughts to “La Isla”

  1. Are you Puerto Rican? What do you know about Puerto Rican traditional food? Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? Do you know where it is located? Don't eat at La Isla, you don't belong there. Thank you.

  2. We have walked past La Isla for several years and commented we should try it. Our friends all have told us to try it. So we finally tried it last night for dinner, and it was outstanding. Outstanding food, very good service, and good value. We had 3 appetizers (garlic shrimp, bean-pea dip, shredded pork), the pulled pork special plate, and 2 mojitos (1 virgin) for $36.xx before tip and were both very full. Every single dish was excellent, which is unusual for us when we try so many different things. I can't wait to go back.

  3. This place is great, and the only Puerto Rican food in Seattle to my knowledge. The new bar is terrific, and the food from top to bottom is marvelous. A must stop for anyone tired of hamburgers.

  4. freaking FANTASTIC!! i ate there over two months ago and i am still dreaming about the fried plantains with that crazy garlic sauce…..mmmmmm….garlic sauce….

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