Help a food bank with your fruit tree

Here’s an idea that could help ailing food banks: The Phinney Neighborhood is organizing the aptly named “Neighborhood Fruit Tree Harvest” that collects fruit for local food banks. There’s a meeting at 7 p.m., May 6, at the Phinney Center. Laurie Farmer is organizing the event. She can be reached at (206) 706-0604.  I’ve got a call into her and will update this with info on whether the harvest and food bank support reaches into Ballard.

What a great idea – it’s certainly better than seeing overripe fruit littering the ground underneath many of these trees.

Update: D accurately points out in comments that this is part of a larger program organized by Lettuce Link. Laurie called me back last night, explaining they’re oganizing the fruit tree picking by neighborhoods this year to simplify management and execution. She notes that Sustainable Ballard is heading up the effort in the Ballard area.

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