Adventurous raccoon cuts power

Updated: It was “lights out” for part of Ballard and Fremont last night. Approximately 150 11,000 Seattle City Light customers lost their power just before midnight after a raccoon “bridged the wrong gap” on transmission lines at the substation on 45th. Less than an hour later, power was restored causing alarm clocks to start blinking and possibly making some of you late for work. The raccoon, as you might imagine, did not survive. (Thank you Mindy for the tip and Peter for the update!)

Adds Kristen below: “This was the FIRST power outage I’ve experienced in Ballard in 16 years! When friends were without power for several days the last two winters I said (smugly), ‘The power NEVER goes out in Ballard! Not enough trees!’ We never anticipated the suicidal terrorist raccoon.”

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Huh. I had heard it was a cougar from Discovery Park and a wayward bear that got zapped in the power station and blew the fuse. :)