Ballard pastor arrested in protest

Last week, Rev. Rich Lang of Trinity Methodist Church told his congregation that was going to get arrested, and today he followed through on his promise. Lang was one of 15 people arrested in front of Seattle City Hall protesting the sweeps of homeless camps (see photos by Isabel). “I am convinced that God is on the side of the poor,” he said in a letter to his congregation. “These encampments are very rough on the parks,” said Alex Fryer, a spokesman for Mayor Greg Nickels. “As a matter of policy, we simply can’t have encampments like these in our public spaces.” Rev. Lang was questioned by police and released.

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  1. I am also an atheist, but I think what Rev. Lang has done for the homeless is AWESOME! As well as the weekly soup kitchen, he also houses a night shelter for homeless people in the gym of his church. It's not a drop in shelter, but one for the homeless really trying to make a change in their lives. It's set up by SHARE, self-managed by its residents and there are strict rules (no drugs, alcohol, etc.) or they will face eviction. Amongst other things, he is encouraging them to have bank accounts and save a certain amount each week and sees his shelter very much as a transitional step between the streets and permanent housing/jobs, etc.

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