Did Edith leave her property to construction chief?

The unspoken hero in the Edith Macefield story appears to be Barry Martin, the senior superintendent for Ledcor Construction, which is building the development around Edith’s home. Martin and Macefield struck up a friendship over the last year, and he “made sure she had food, ran to get groceries for her, picked up prescriptions, cooked her dinner,” reports the PI. In her last days battling pancreatic cancer, he made sure she was comfortable. And here’s the shocker: one of Ledcor’s managers told Times columnist Danny Westneat that he believes Edith may have left her property to Martin. It’s unclear if Edith left a will, and when asked, Martin said he doesn’t want to talk about it. But he did say that Edith made it clear she did not want a funeral or even flowers, but people can donate if they like to the Humane Society.

Meanwhile, Ledcor Construction said it designed the structure to absorb the property if it became available. “Spots have been left so steel beams could be inserted into the concrete to complete the upper floor, assuming Edith’s home is sold and torn down,” explains Westneat in his column.

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