What’s next for the Denny’s site?

Now that the old Denny’s building is gone, what are Benaroya’s plans for the new development? We asked for a sketch of the upcoming condo project, but we’re told it has yet to be finalized. So we looked at last year’s land use application which described “an eight story structure with 261 residential units above 32,307 sq. ft. of retail space. Parking for 437 vehicles to be provided at ground level and below grade.” As soon as a sketch is made available, we’ll post it here. Meanwhile, it looks like Benaroya won’t be incorporating the original roof of the old Mannings Cafeteria as some had hoped — the video that Ben shot shows it being demolished with the rest of the building. Writes Ballard Gossip Girl, “I hope they think about the importance of this gateway piece of land they now will develop, and not provide us with another beige box.”

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