Trying to stay cool at Golden Gardens

The mercury has hit 90 degrees for two days in a row.

As you might expect, throngs of people decided to escape their sweltering homes and pack Golden Gardens to try to get cool. At least a thousand people stretched from one side to the other.

Attendants were turning people away at the entrance (as of 5 p.m. Sunday), because the parking lots were full. People then circled around and tried to find parking on Seaview, which was lined with cars all the way down to Ray’s.

And if you think it’s hot sitting on the beach, imagine the folks in the Mountains to Sound race, who finished the last leg of their biking-kayaking-running course at Golden Gardens this evening. Ugh.

But when it was over, racers enjoyed the beach.

“It was pretty bad at the zoo this afternoon: 87 in the shade,” adds Piogga in comments. “Most of the animals were trying to sleep through the worse of it, while the silly humans trekked about in the sun.”

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