Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods may close

A Ballard institution, Olsen’s Scandinavian Foods may close, according to one of the owners who spoke with us today. Reidun and Anita Endresen, who have owned the shop for the last 12 years, say they’re struggling with rising food prices. So the sisters are planning to sell Olsen’s to a friend. The new buyer, if the purchase goes through, will most likely keep the traditional Ballard stock of Scandinavian foods and gifts. But if their friend is unable to secure a loan, the two women said they’ll put Olsen’s up for sale for any interested buyer.

That, of course, would be a huge loss for Ballard. Olsen’s has a long history stretching back to 1960 when it was named “B.D.& D.” and then “Johnsen’s Scandinavian Foods.” Reidar Olsen bought the store in 1972, and then sold it to his son in 1992. Reidun and Anita bought the store five years later. (Tip via Ballard Gossip Girl, which first heard Olsen’s might be closing.)

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