Big turnout at ‘Deadliest’ fundraiser

Throngs of people turned out for Sunday’s fundraiser at Fishermen’s Terminal for the Fishermen’s Memorial fund.

They were there to tour two of the boats and meet many of the captains and crew from the Discovery show Deadliest Catch.

Fans waited their turn for a tour for a $10 donation. We overheard one man say to his wife, “We didn’t know there were this many fans of the show.”

And some of the Seagals were there, too. The boat “Sea Star” began offering tours at the Terminal back in June, and it seems it’s suddenly one of our area’s most popular tourist attractions. All the money raised from the tour’s today goes toward the Fishermen’s Memorial, which helps ease the financial burden of surviving family members of fishermen lost at sea. A very good cause.

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