Red light cameras now at 15th and Market

My Ballard reader Nina spotted two of these cameras at 15th and Market, one near the Walgreens and the other near the Shell station. While there are no signs announcing their arrival yet, they fit the description for red light cameras — which are due to be installed at this intersection sometime this year.

This is a notorious spot for accidents in Ballard, and many of them are related to red light runners. The city also plans to install red light cameras at 15th and 80th, Stone Way and 40th, and Aurora at 85th. (Thanks, Nina!)

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2 thoughts to “Red light cameras now at 15th and Market”

  1. I just received a mailed ticket for not coming to a complete stop before taking a right on 15th & Market. The picture clearly shows cars on the left, and ahead are at complete stops, and there are no pedestrians in sight. I always come to a near stop, and look around. Sheesh, now I'm much less inclined to come out to Ballard. These types of infraction's should require more leniency in my opinion.

  2. Same situation as you, Issaquah. Took a right at that intersection 3/10ths of a second after the light had gone red, after slowing (if I hadn't slowed and just burned around the corner, wouldn't have gotten a ticket) but NOT coming to a complete stop. It was 11:30 at night on a weeknight, and the video from the incident shows that there are NO cars even lined up waiting at the light that won't change for 5 seconds after I am through the intersection. $ 124 please. Eeesh. When will people realize that this is nothing more than a money grab. It has nothing to do with safety, otherwise they would use discretion in handing out these tickets. Perhaps we should put these cameras at every stop sign, just to make sure people are coming to a FULL stop. Would everyone like that? What about hidden speed cameras that automatically ticket every person who goes 33 in a 30 zone? I mean technically, that's breaking the law, just like coming to a rolling stop on a free right is. That would show the bums, wouldn't it? It's only a matter of time before there is a camera everwhere and a fee for everything. See how safe you feel when that comes about.

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