Amazon Fresh sighting briefly raises hopes

You may know we’re on a campaign to get Amazon Fresh, the grocery delivery service, to expand to Ballard. After all, our neighborhood is a tech-savvy, organic-loving bunch. My Ballard reader AzBat spotted an Amazon Fresh truck this week on 15th Ave., headed toward Ballard.

“I first spotted it around the Denny/15th turn downtown,” he writes. “I kept my eye on it to see how far north it would go up. I snapped this photo near the Magnolia bridge, you can see the Albert Lee on the right. It kept driving north but then turned off on Dravus.” Sigh. So close.

We Ballardites don’t like getting beat by Queen Anne. If you feel like pestering Amazon again, here’s the email address:

Geeky Swedes

The founders of My Ballard

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