10 thoughts to “Gabriel’s Fire”

  1. We won't be going to Gabriel's Fire again – we gave them 3 tries. My boyfriend is from the south, and is a chef, and I've had a bunch of Texas BBQ.

    The sides:
    Coleslaw is just cabbage and mayo. Needs improvement.
    The beans were just beans and overcooked – not edible. Add some flavor!
    The cornbread was extremely dry. I would rather eat a spoonfull of cornmeal.
    Mac and Cheese is bland bland bland.

    The meat:
    We've tried it all. Not good. Ribs are tough – the meat should fall off the bone. Grilled chicken breast? This is a BBQ joint – the chicken should be on the bone. The pork shoulder is OK. They're going to an awful lot of trouble to smoke all the meat, but there's no real smokey flavor at all. The sauce is nothing special.

    Painfully slow. This is a BBQ joint! The guy is reheating the meat to order, one order at a time. This is a crazy way to serve BBQ.

    We've yet to have any decent BBQ in Seattle, except at the OK Corral on Greenwood. Hands down the best BBQ place in Seattle.

  2. Gabe's still rocks. Seems like haters are more likely to post than not. I'm from ATL if that matters and the meat is good. It takes all kinds. This guy works hard and puts out great product. Better than Petes.

  3. Went there Tuesday night. They didn't seem to be able to handle the “rush”. Chicken and pulled pork were good. Ribs and brisket were dry and chewy. Beans were boring, mac n' cheese was underwhelming. I think these guys have the potential, but you've got to manage your business at all times. Make it all good all the time, otherwise I'm not coming back.

  4. I used to be a huge fan but I went there last week and don't think I'll be going back. There were inedible pieces of meat in my sandwich and they've started charging $2 for the coleslaw and $2 for the sides. My side of cornbread was rock hard on the outside and completely dry and tasteless on the inside. Definitely not worth it.

  5. Just tried Gabriels Fire, I was completely dissapointed. Smokin Petes has been my all time fav, but I thought I would try Gabriels after reading everyones reviews. I will NEVER go back to Gabriels, vs Petes Gabes got nothing on them. The brisket sandwhich was tiny, the Mac and cheese was blah.and no fries? really?..oh well…long live PETES..

  6. Ok. Really wanted it to be great but the pulled pork was bland. No smokiness to it at all. Sauces were ok, nothing special. The bun the pulled pork cam on was too squishy and reminded me of a Wonder bread hot dog bun.

    Overall it looks great and the menu selections are mouth watering, but I'll be going back to Pete's.

  7. I have not been recently and can’t speak for the “recent issues”, but last time I was there in March the food was still awesome, the sauces were still awesome, and I had a great meal. They have the best array of sauces in town and the beef brisket was amazing. BBQ and pizza are always going to be polarizing subjects, but for me this place is still at the top of the list.

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