Moped meet-up takes to Ballard streets

We happened upon a group of 50 moped riders in the Office Max parking lot.

Each appeared to be riding vintage mopeds — no shiny Vespa scooters here.

They turned down Leary and south over the Ballard Bridge, obeying traffic laws as they went (as far as we could see.) They drove off before we could get the official word, but if you have info, please leave it in comments.

Adds Jason in comments: “This is part of a yearly moped rally that the Seattle chapter of the Moped Army (called the Mosquito Fleet) is holding this weekend. This won’t be the last you see of ‘em this weekend. It’s called Blood Drive. Mopeds come from all over the USA for this every year, and they are good kids, just out to enjoy their 110 mpg machines.”

Update: PhinneyWood has more info and photos of the ride.

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