Boutique switch-a-roo in Ballard, Fremont

If you look in the windows of what used to be Olivine along Ballard Ave., you’ll see bare floors and empty walls.

The popular boutique in Old Ballard closed late last month. The owner moved to Fremont and just opened a new shop called Show Pony on 36th St.

And now a Fremont boutique is planning to move into Olivine’s empty space. Horseshoe is a women’s boutique on 35th St. (photo above) that’s busting at the seams. When it’s owner, Jill Renae Anderson, heard that Olivine was closing, she jumped at the chance to move into the larger space. She plans to close the Fremont shop at the end of the month and open in Ballard in October.

Update: While Show Pony appeared to be open when we went by on Labor Day, the website and voicemail both say the boutique will open on the 13th.

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