UW’s Willingham live from Ballard

If you’re still venting from Saturday’s controversial game at Husky Stadium, you can head down to Anthony’s on Shilshole this Monday at 4:30 p.m. to participate in a live radio show with UW head coach Tyrone Willingham. So what happened? A ref called a bogus penalty on quarterback Jake Locker, which led to the Huskies loss, 28-27 against BYU. It didn’t take long for the controversial call to hit the national airwaves. “That was a sham,” said ESPN commentator Lou Holtz. Added ESPN’s Mark May, “This could be a job loser game for Ty Willingham,” referring to Tyrone’s need to pull out a winning season or likely lose his job. KJR will broadcasting the show, and they’ll be taking questions from the audience.

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