Introducing advertising on My Ballard

It’s been nine months since we started My Ballard, and a week doesn’t go by without someone asking if we’ll bring advertising to the site. We’ve been a little hesitant, because we don’t relish filling the site with display ads that nobody clicks. So today, we’re taking a different approach and introducing something we’re calling “business announcements.” It’s a dedicated place in the middle of the blog where local businesses can post a sale, event, coupon, new hours, new products — anything they’d like to announce to the neighborhood.

Our first announcement is from the Ballard Food Bank, which did not pay for the ad. (We’ll be including public service announcements from time to time along with the paying advertisers.) Our goal, besides generating a little revenue, is to give local businesses a prominent avenue to communicate with the neighborhood in a cost-effective way. And we hope you’ll support them. For more information on placing an ad, click here.

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