Ticketing to start on 15th Ave.

We have reported a number of times on the confusing new Business Access and Transit Lanes (the city calls them BAT) on 15th Ave West. Now the city has just issued a media release letting us know they will begin ticketing drivers who do not follow the BAT lane restrictions.

The city says now that the contractor is finished the work along Elliott and 15th, police officers will begin enforcement of the corridor’s BAT lanes. That means you will get a ticket if you don’t follow the rules.

As anyone who drives to Ballard knows, the problem is that the rules are confusing. Here is how the city explains it:

Buses and bicycles have full use of the lanes only during peak traffic periods, and other drivers may enter the BAT lanes to access businesses along the corridor. During off-peak hours, the lanes are available for use by all and for parking. Only buses and bicycles can travel continuously along the curb lane as other drivers are still limited by the right turn restrictions that are in force at all times. Signs indicate that drivers in the curb lanes except buses and bicycles must turn right at marked intersections.

The city department of transportation says the large majority of drivers along the corridor have been observing the restrictions, but some have not. Drivers violating the BAT lanes will now be ticketed.

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