Christmas tree tradition continues

Boy Scout troop 100 is getting ready for their annual fundraiser, selling Christmas trees at the St. Alphonsus Catholic church parking lot. It’s been a tradition in Ballard for more than 50 years and current Scoutmaster, Paul Hendricks, says that families have been buying trees from the scouts for years. The scouts themselves do a lot of work to make the fundraiser a success. They set up the lot, haul and tag the trees and work alongside the adults throughout the season. This is the sole fundraiser for the troop. The tree lot will be open the day after Thanksgiving through December 24th, or until the trees sell out.

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2 thoughts to “Christmas tree tradition continues”

  1. I'm writing as a former scout from Troop 100. My own son was also in this same troop. Have I ever been conflicted about the homophobic issue that's invariably mentioned when the topic of Scouting comes up? Sure thing. If this were a “whites-only” club would I adamantly protest against it? Hell yes. One might ask how I rationalize this.

    First of all, some background. A whole slew of churches donate money to the Boy Scouts of America. Mosques and synagogues may as well (I admit that I haven't done my homework in this regard). Of them, how many will accept an openly-gay minister, priest, rabbi, etc. ? The Catholics won't even accept women as priests, so it comes as no great surprise to me that they've pushed the national Boy Scout organization to recite that “Don't ask, don't tell” B.S.

    Can the Troop 100 kids tie knots and pitch a tent? Sure. How many folks also know that skills learned in Troop 100 led to four of these boys being awarded national heroism medals a few years ago? One or two of these guys truly risked their own lives in the process. How about contributing back to the Ballard community? They collected about 500 coats and sweaters just this past weekend, donating it all to the Ballard Food Bank. A truck load of hats, shoes, gloves, scarves and blankets as well. They donate dozens of their Christmas trees to Ballard families. Hundreds of dollars worth of Fred Meyer gift cards so these and other needy families can by whatever combination of food, gifts, and/or clothing that they need. Consider that when deciding where to buy your tree.

    That money comes off the top. Money left over after all of these donations is what they use to go mountain climbing and river rafting, to kayak in the San Juan’s, and yes, to attend summer camp. I could buy my tree from Fred Meyer or from an entrepreneur at Sunset Bowl, or I could support this great bunch of kids. No surprise where my loyalty lies.

  2. Why support the boyscouts when they practice openly discriminatory practices! You might not like shopping at a chain store, but at least Fred Meyer holds itself to a higher standard than the boyscouts when it comes to gays & lesbians!!!!! Go Fred Meyer, down with the boyscouts (aka the homophobe scouts)!

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