‘No bailout for Austin Cantina’

As feared, Austin Cantina on 24th Ave. may not last beyond the holidays. “We’ve been very fortunate to have a solid base of neighborhood regulars, positive press, and Texan ex-pats who came in to eat, but our peak summer business did not last long enough and did not create enough of a cushion to carry us through a slow, cold, dark winter,” said chef and owner Jefe Birkner in a press release with the title, “No bailout for Austin Cantina.”

Birkner says the restaurant will be serving dinner only the week of December 16 through 20th (closed on the 18th for a private party), “and then will be closing for 2 weeks to determine if there is enough interest, business, and reserve cash to re-open for business on January 6th.” We’ll let you know what happens.

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