14th Ave. intersection dedicated

One year ago, Agnes Meserole was hit and killed while she walked across 14th Ave. at 58th St. on the way to her teaching assistant job at St. Alphonsus Parish. Today, volunteers with the 14th Ave Visioning Project and members of St. Alphonsus dedicated the intersection, which has been redesigned with a raised crosswalk, curb extensions and a landscaped median.

Volunteers hope the 14th and 58th project is the beginning of a larger effort to revamp 14th Ave. all the way down to Salmon Bay. Their goal is to eliminate the median and convert 14th into a boulevard with large open spaces for broad walkways, trees, bike paths and even gardens. Diagonal parking and traffic circles are also on the design board, and the stretch south of Market St. would would give more breathing room for large trucks.

Their next step is to gain support and funding for the project, and a fundraising effort is getting underway to provide a permanent memorial to Agnes Meserole at the 14th and 58th intersection. You can learn more about the 14th Ave. Visioning Project here on their website.

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