Driving conditions worsening as snow still falls

10:05 a.m. update: Snow is still falling and the accumulations are starting to stack up. Nearly two inches now in East Ballard. (Let us know how much snow you have in comments below.) And forecasters say snow showers will continue well into the afternoon. We drove around the area a second time, and the snow has become much more packed and slippery. We watched a four-wheel drive Suburu drive slowly around a traffic circle, start sliding and bounce off the curb. Temperatures are also dropping: down to 27 degrees, which means these icy conditions will stick around. If you have to drive, please be careful.

Market St. looking west right into town.

A beautiful shot of Old Ballard.

Kids sledding down a driveway on 2nd Ave near 67th.

The Ballard Bridge, with traffic moving smoothly.

Market St. up Phinney Ridge as the snow falls. Have some snow photos of your own you’d like to share? Please email them to tips@myballard.com.

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