Snow turns to rain, big melt begins

10 a.m. update: This was 3rd Ave. just up from 65th St. at 8 this morning:

Here it is an hour and a half later, once the rain began:

Road conditions have dramatically improved in just a short period of time, but still very slippery in places, especially side streets and hills. Forecasters say rain showers will now replace the snow for the rest of the day. With a total accumulation of 8.5 inches in Ballard, the concern shifts to urban flooding and flat roofs. The Weather Service is advising residents to clear storm drains of ice (if you can find them under all that snow) and seek professional services to clear heavy, rain-soaked snow from flat roofs.

Meanwhile, garbage and yard waste pickup has been postponed yet again. And Metro continues to run on its limited schedule, but we saw far fewer people at the bus stops this morning. Please post your reports below…

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