9 thoughts to “Cocina Esperanza”

  1. delicious Mexican food with just a slight northwest slant. very casual, comfortable atmosphere. great sangria and great prices!

  2. I liked it. Different and tasty. Yeah, no bar when I was there, only beer and wine. Staff maybe not your quintessential variety, but polite and friendly at least if you start up a conversation with them. They probably wouldn't take criticism well. But I thought the food very good.

  3. My family ate there tonight. The place was crowded but cozy. The food was good, we especially liked the fish, queso appetizer & flan. The salsa was fresh and good, the chips were disappointingly from Cash & Carry. The service was very disappointing- it was slow, inflexible and unapologetic. I would go as far as saying the server was pretty rude at times. The food took quite a while and that's cool for fresh food. I would recommend it for a change but bring your patience, you'll need it.

  4. Esperanza now serves breakfast! Hurray! a cheerful, warm & welcoming place to spend Saturday or Sunday morning. We took a small group & really enjoyed the food & service. They were attentive without feeling like they were hovering. I’ll be back because I feel like we received a good meal, service for the price paid! Thank you -Esperanza.

  5. This restaurant had the worst service of any restaurant I’ve eaten at in Seattle, and I’ve lived here 16 years. I will never return.

  6. We went to brunch on Saturday. The people were very nice to us, and we enjoyed the music and neighborhood vibe, but we were not impressed with the value. We are price sensitive, and it was quite a bit more expensive than what I think we got. Also, the preparation was pretty slow, and if the food were extraordinary or complex I would understand this, but it was pretty simple fare so I don’t. I wish them the best and I am sure it is a fine place for you if you are less price sensitive and don’t mind killing a lot of time.

  7. I have my own business. I think one of the most important thing to take care of your business is appearance. Maybe, if this is the real photo for this restaurant, they can try improving colors and design. They will get better results.

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