Architecture advice for just 5 cents

Along with produce, meats, cheeses and bread at the Farmers Market, you can now get home remodeling advice — for a nickel. John Morefield is an architect who is dealing with the reality of the economy. After being laid off from two jobs in the past year because business is slow, Morefield has “opened shop” on Sundays along Ballard Avenue. He’s got his tent, table, sign and sketch pad ready to go, almost like a kid ready to sell lemonade on the corner.

“I’m serious,” he told the Seattle PI. “I’m here to answer questions. And I do charge a nickel. I’ve made a dollar today so far.” The Q&A is obviously not going to pay the rent, but he’s hoping that passers-by will hire him to help with their remodel. He’s also got an online stand here. (Photo from MPG.)

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