Ravenna leads Amazon Fresh vote

The first results are in, and surprisingly the Ravenna neighborhood leads in the Amazon Fresh expansion vote with 37%. Ballard’s 98117 is second with 27%, Magnolia’s 98199 has 19% and Ballard’s 98107 is in last with 18%. Some of you suggested that Ravenna is leading because it’s the default zip code in the voting form. So we asked Amazon Fresh’s Vincent Chu about it, and he responded:

“For an address to be legit, the address and zip code combination has to be valid. For example, if 8XXXX 25th Ave NW 98115 was submitted by accident, it will NOT be counted towards 98115. We use an external service provider to scrub the addresses. In this example, the address would actually be corrected to 8XXXX 25th Ave NW 98117, and therefore be counted as a vote for 98117. But to eliminate all doubt, we’re removing the default zip code in the next update.”

There are still 7 days left in the voting

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