‘G Wizz’ coming to 8th and Market

Once a cafe, a new establishment by the name of “G Wizz Bistro” is preparing to open soon along 8th Ave. at Market St.

According to the sign on the door, G Wizz will have beer, wine, home cookin’ and “open jam sessions on our stage.” It will also have a 7-foot screen and meeting space rentals. No word on an opening date.

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3 thoughts to “‘G Wizz’ coming to 8th and Market”

  1. I actually had fun at this place, it was clean, relaxed, and friendly, and when I walked in they were playing Young Frankenstein, an old favorite of mine, on a big projection screen on the back wall. I had a big Fosters and some pizza with hand tossed crust which was quite tasty. I would recommend the G*Wizz to anyone in the area who just wants to chill for a few. Prices are quite reasonable and food is above average.

  2. This is absolutely not true. The treehouse is fantastic food. I am a real critic being I am an avid cook myself. This is the place I take my family when they come to town. We also tried G Whizz this past weekend. It was close to closing so we had pizza but great crust. The service has always been interesting at the treehouse but a real “Cheers” atmosphere. Sick for Days maybe you should wash your hands after you go to the can?!!!

  3. Another one bites the dust – G – Wizz has now met the same fate as Cyber-Cafe…..its another goner. Place has closed and according to craigslist its up for rent again.

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