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Joe McCarthy

I've seen the “Buy in Ballard” posters around town, but can't seem to find one online. If someone knows where there is an online version, please post a link.

It seems that only a few local Ballard businesses have signed up to use the Puget Sound Community Change card (, which was created specifically to enable local people to support local businesses. I'll include a short blurb below (and no, I am not affiliated in any way with Puget Sound CC or the Interra Project):

Puget Sound Community Change is designed to encourage loyalty to locally-focused, sustainably-minded businesses, and to support local non-profits and schools in the process.

The program helps communities align citizens' values with their everyday purchases, harnessing purchasing power as a tool for achieving a sustainable future. When you shop at participating neighborhood businesses, you facilitate a shift of dollars to the common good through Community Rebates defined as cash rewards for consumers, and donations to not-for-profits and schools.