St. Luke’s hosting homeless car camp

With the number of homeless people living out of their cars on the rise, Ballard Homes For All Coalition (BHFAC) launched a program last year to provide a safe environment for homeless car campers. Now several months later, they’ve reached an agreement with St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on 57th St. and 22nd Ave. to host the first car camp in the parking lot.

The camp is small: just one occupant living out of his trailer for now (seen on the left), and BHFAC organizer MaryLee Mahar tells My Ballard the plan is to take it slow and see how it goes. “We’d like the homeless to get a chance and be safe,” Mahar said. “They really can’t get ahead from all the (parking) tickets they get from the police.” The man has passed a Washington State Patrol criminal background check and has agreed to follow the SHARE/WHEEL rules regarding his behavior, such as no alcohol or overnight guests.

Mahar recognized that some neighbors surrounding St. Luke’s may not be pleased, but she said they’re keeping a close eye on the camp. “We all have to have some compassion,” Mahar said. “Any of us anytime could be in the same position.” As for “Rover 1,” the mobile hygiene station that was unveiled at the Sustainable Ballard Festival in September, Mahar said it’s not quite ready to be deployed and may not fit in St. Luke’s small parking lot.

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This is what people supposed to do help others. If other states would this it would give anyone a chance to recover.
I am disabled and went back home to Puerto Rico to live with my mom, so now we both help each other financially. Finally receive Social Security for myself and here money stretches much better, with two incomes.